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Destroyer of Motherboards

A week ago, I got two more hard drives for my home server. The plan is to make a RAID 5 array with 1.5 TB of total space. The problem is that the [Jetway J7F4]( board I have only has two SATA ports. Luckily, I had a 2-port SATA PCI card and got the PCI […]

Converting to RAID 1

I was at Fry’s recently and saw a good deal on a 500 GB hard drive. I decided to get it to expand my [home server]( from a single 500 GB drive to two drives in RAID 1. With Linux, it is possible to do the conversion without any downtime (but lots of time spent […]

Mini-ITX Home Server

A few months ago, I got a new home server. I wanted to replace the old desktop with something quiet and low-power that could be left on all day. This led toward an mini-ITX motherboard. A fanless processor was better since I didn’t need the performance for video or anything heavy. I also wanted something […]

Maemo SDK on Fedora 9

I got the [Maemo]( [SDK]( installed on Fedora 9. The instructions are pretty complete. First, Scratchbox needs the compat VDSO mode enabled. This is done by `echo 0 > /proc/sys/vm/vdso_enabled`. Also, Qemu requires `mmap_min_addr` set to 4096. These can be set permanently by adding the following lines to `/etc/sysctl.conf`. # scratchbox support vm.vdso_enabled = 0 […]

VIA padlock support in OpenSSL

The VIA C7 processor also has padlock encryption acceleration support. [Linux support]( was added a while ago. First, the automatically load the `padlock` module, add the `/etc/sysconfig/modules/via-padlock.modules` file. #!/bin/sh for i in padlock; do modprobe $i >/dev/null 2>&1 done Second, to use it for internal kernel encryption, add to `/etc/modprobe.conf`. alias aes padlock Third, OpenSSL […]

VIA RNG on Centos

The [J7F4 mini-ITX motherboard]( that I got for my home server has a VIA C7 processor. One of the feature of the processor is the [PadLock Security Engine]( with hardware RNG. This is especially useful on a server since they are limited in entropy sources. Linux kernel has support for the VIA hardware RNG in […]

Starcraft on Linux and Mac

My coworkers and I have gotten addicated to Starcraft again. The question is how to run it since my only computers are Linux and Mac. Starcraft under [Wine]( on Linux works pretty well. There are some issues with the display changing resolution that makes it hard to switch back to the desktop and resizes programs. […]

Reverse proxy mirror

Does anybody know of software that could be used to build a mirroring reverse proxy? I am looking for something to cache and mirror files for distributions and other archives of mostly static files. To clients, it looks like a copy of the archive. If a file does not exist, or is too old, it […]

Multiple Monitors and Remote Keyboard

At work, they have been buying all the programmers new monitors. Everybody now has at least one 20″ LCD. Some people have two. The rest of us could have two monitors, one maybe smaller, if there wasn’t a shortage of dual-head video cards. I decided to hook up the second smaller monitor up to my […]

FC6 on MacBook

I am writing this on Fedora Core 6 running on my MacBook. In general, it works pretty well with a few problems. The wireless works great with the madwifi drivers from [livna]( The biggest problem is that suspend and hibernate don’t work. Suspend seems to work but does not restore. Hibernate suceeds with the most […]