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IPv6: Devices

After enabling IPv6 on my router, I tried using it on all of my devices. For testing, I used []( and [test-ipv6]( * Mac OS X just worked. It got IPv6 address through stateless autoconfiguration from the router. * [Fedora Linux]( also just worked. * Windows 7 supports IPv6. It didn’t work at first but […]

IPv6: Linksys, DD-WRT, Comcast 6to4

I got IPv6 working with my home router, DD-WRT, and Comcast’s 6to4 service. [6to4]( works by setting up a tunnel for IPv6 over IPv4. It uses the anycast address as the tunnel endpoint. The IPv6 address is constructed from the host’s IPv4 address with 2002: prefix. 6to4 only works for hosts with public IP […]