Monthly Archives: March 2023

Resilient Disasters

Driving motivation with the resilient messaging protocol is to have a system that works in disasters. One scenario is the Internet has gone down but low bandwidth link is available. Ham radio HF band can go long distances but has small bandwidth (300 bps). The plan is that would have sign out front of house, […]

Resilient Connectivity

It will be useful to go through the different types of connections and how the protocol will work. First, is connected to the Internet. I think it is important that the protocol be useful on the Internet. I think it is important that the applications always work and not only when poor connection. Or that […]

Resilient Internet

I had idea recently that synchronous Internet can degrade into asynchronous messaging. This is the store-and-forward messaging from the early Internet, the UUCP, FidoNet, and SMTP protocols. Messaging queue works best for high latency, and low bandwidth. High latency means don’t get a response and TCP breaks down. The only solution is to send a […]