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OSCON: Wednesday Afternoon

In the afternoon, I went to more OSCON sessions. First, I went to [Nested Data Parallelism in Haskell]( by Simon Peyton-Jones, the same guy who gave the keynote talk I went to. This time, he was talking about extending the Haskell compiler to do data parallelism. Flat data parallelism is when a computation is split […]

Typo and Mongrel

I got this blog working with [Mongrel](, a web server written in Ruby designed from running Rails applications. The main Textdrive Apache process is proxying the blog to the mongrel_rails process. This replaces the Apache to Lighttpd to Rails over FastCGI setup I was using before. In the previous post, I talked about how I […]

Typo on Textdrive

I have recently been having problems with running Typo on Textdrive. The cause seems to be that the ruby grows too big and is killed by FreeBSD. Why it isn’t being restarted automatically by lighttpd, I don’t know. The solution is supposed to be to start the rails fastcgi program separately from the lighttpd process. […]

Trackback Spam

I foolishly had left trackbacks on by default on this blog. I just noticed that some of the articles had hundreds of trackbacks on them. I doubt this blog is that popular. I think I would have noticed if I got on slashdot. They all looked like link spam. Unfortunately, Typo does not have any […]

Poker Bot

Today, I won a (small) tournament of poker bots against coworkers. The bots played one-card poker. One coworker wrote the server in [Ocaml]( We had the tournament/party has my coworker Aaron’s house. I wrote a client in [Ruby]( which could be used to make bots with different strategies. I came up with four acceptable strategies. […]

Got Typo Working

I got Typo working as I want it. The solution was adding a line to config/environment.rb to tell it to make all the links relative. I didn’t need the new strip-request-uri parameter for lighttpd. ActionController::AbstractRequest.relative_url_root = “/blog” Then I setup up the proxying. This was done through webmin but the directives produced were: ProxyPass /blog […]

Switching to Typo

I am switching the blog to [Typo](, blog software written in [Ruby](, using the [Rails]( framework. The hard part is getting the software to run fast and run where I want it []( FastCGI and Apache don’t seem to work with my hosting company. So I could run it through CGI which means the each […]


After OSCON on Wednesday, I met up with Michael Schwern and friends. We went to FOSCON, a Ruby gathering a [Free Geek]( We missed the Ruby on Rails talk which is probably the technical introduction I didn’t get at OSCON. I did get to see a Ruby Metaprogramming talk by [Glenn Vanderburg]( I knew Ruby […]


I went to a day of sessions last Wednesday at OSCON. Here are the session I went to: ## Shtoom First, I went to talk by Anthony Baxter about [shtoom](, a SIP stack written in Python. As he explained multiple times, VOIP and SIP are complicated. Which makes writing a complete stack by himself even […]