Monthly Archives: August 2005


Something interesting happened today at my apartment. I was sitting at my computer around 3pm when I heard a loud bang and the power went out. I looked outside and saw a car had run into the power pole on the corner. I went outside and called 911. The power pole had been broken in […]

Portland Rose Garden

A month ago I went to the [Portland Rose Garden]( and took some photos. Here are some roses for Rose. [![](/photostack/storage/normal-rosegarden-p7101243_m.jpg.jpg)](/photostack/rosegarden)

Bridge Pedal

Today I rode in the Providence Bridge Pedal, a big community bike ride in Portland. I heard an estimate of 18,000 people. I can believe it; it was more crowded this year compared to last year. There were bnottleneck this year where people had to get off and walk. I heard somebody joke that the […]

Pdx-pm and Mod_perl

For a special meeting of [Portland Perl Mongers]( on Friday, Stas Beckman talked about mod_perl 2.0. He talked for three hours and only went through probably half of his slides. He went quickly through the difference between mod_perl 1 and mod_perl 2 but he demonstrated a lot of the new mod_perl 2 API. He went […]


After OSCON on Wednesday, I met up with Michael Schwern and friends. We went to FOSCON, a Ruby gathering a [Free Geek]( We missed the Ruby on Rails talk which is probably the technical introduction I didn’t get at OSCON. I did get to see a Ruby Metaprogramming talk by [Glenn Vanderburg]( I knew Ruby […]


I went to a day of sessions last Wednesday at OSCON. Here are the session I went to: ## Shtoom First, I went to talk by Anthony Baxter about [shtoom](, a SIP stack written in Python. As he explained multiple times, VOIP and SIP are complicated. Which makes writing a complete stack by himself even […]


I went to two days of [OSCON]( last week. My company finally decided to send me on Monday. The first day, August 2, I went to the Slony-I Replication Tutorial. [Slony]( is a replication system for [PostgreSQL]( We use it at work to replicate a master database to two slave databases. This is done so […]

Uncle Ian

Last Monday, I became an uncle. My brother and his wife had a baby girl, Rose Athena Martinsen-Burrell. Lara went into labor on Saturday evening. Rose was born by C-section 42 hours later. He sent out a picture: ![](/photostack/rose/the_mbs.jpg) Hopefully, they will post more pictures at [his blog]( or the [baby’s website](