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Palm Pre

I got a Palm Pre yesterday and really like it so far. Compared to my Treo, it is small and lovely. It looks like a black stone with smooth rounded shape that fits naturally in the hand. The webOS UI is much prettier than PalmOS. The touch interface is well done. Running multiple apps and […]

Google Maps for Treo

Google just released [Google Maps for the Treo]( It is a Palm application which downloads the map over the Internet. It has a simple and usable interface that can use the scroll pad and keyboard for most operations. It can search for addresses and display driving directions. It can also show satellite view and traffic […]

Bluetooth HotSync with Linux

It turned out to be really easy to do Bluetooth HotSync from my Treo 650 to my Fedora Core Linux box. On the Linux box: service bluetooth start service dund start Create the /etc/ppp/peers/dun file: 115200 local ms-dns noauth debug The first IP address is the local machine and the second is the […]

Mobile Blogging

This was posted with mo:Blog, a blog client for PalmOS. It supports the blogger, metaWeblog, and MovableType APIs. The MovableType API is supposed to work best with Typo.

Blazer is Evil

I had this long entry (for a mobile one) about visiting the Space Needle when I accidentally hit a button and switched to another app. Blazer helpfully forgot the text entry field. So now I hate it.

Mobile Blogging

This entry was posted from my Treo. Sure, I was sitting in front of my computer. But I could have been anywhere I was willing to type of the little keyboard. Which is fine for typing short messages like ‘Buy’, ‘You jerk’, or ‘I’ll call when I find a real computer’. But not for long […]

New Toy

I have had my new Treo 650 for a week now and I love it. It replaces a old cell phone and Sony Clie. It is a little thicker than both of them but still small enough to fit in a pocket. I like not having to decide what piece of electronics to take and […]