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Converted Posts

I think I got all the old posts converted to using Markdown. Since this blog started with [Textpattern]( which uses [Textile](, most of the posts were in that format. Typo was smart enough to handle posts in different markup formats and switch formats to Markdown a few months ago. WordPress is not smart enough to […]

WordPress Themes

Since switching to WordPress, I have been playing around with WordPress themes. I am looking for a minimalist style with black text on a white background. I prefer variable-width two-column themes while themes seem to be fixed-width. I am not a big fan of top navigation bars or header images. * [ScribbishWP]( is a port […]

Converted to WordPress

I got tired of the issues with running [Typo]( on [Textdrive]( and converted this blog to [WordPress]( The main problem is that the Rails process was being killed by the server for using too much memory. I tried various tricks to reduce the memory usage or restart the process when it disappeared and none of […]

Trackback Spam

I foolishly had left trackbacks on by default on this blog. I just noticed that some of the articles had hundreds of trackbacks on them. I doubt this blog is that popular. I think I would have noticed if I got on slashdot. They all looked like link spam. Unfortunately, Typo does not have any […]


I really need to post more often to this thing. In the last month, I went to Hawaii, Astoria, and took lots of pictures. My new resolution is to post something every day. Most of them will be retrospective, links to elsewhere, computer-releated, and boring.

Got Typo Working

I got Typo working as I want it. The solution was adding a line to config/environment.rb to tell it to make all the links relative. I didn’t need the new strip-request-uri parameter for lighttpd. ActionController::AbstractRequest.relative_url_root = “/blog” Then I setup up the proxying. This was done through webmin but the directives produced were: ProxyPass /blog […]

Switching to Typo

I am switching the blog to [Typo](, blog software written in [Ruby](, using the [Rails]( framework. The hard part is getting the software to run fast and run where I want it []( FastCGI and Apache don’t seem to work with my hosting company. So I could run it through CGI which means the each […]