Monthly Archives: November 2008

Converting to RAID 1

I was at Fry’s recently and saw a good deal on a 500 GB hard drive. I decided to get it to expand my [home server]( from a single 500 GB drive to two drives in RAID 1. With Linux, it is possible to do the conversion without any downtime (but lots of time spent […]

Digital SLR

I recently got a digital SLR. I decided to pay more for the most recent consumer model over the earlier generation. Lots of places recommended the Nikon D40. But most sites recommended Canon system over Nikon in general. The XSi also had some features like live view, bigger LCD, and better kit lens that I […]

Mini-ITX Home Server

A few months ago, I got a new home server. I wanted to replace the old desktop with something quiet and low-power that could be left on all day. This led toward an mini-ITX motherboard. A fanless processor was better since I didn’t need the performance for video or anything heavy. I also wanted something […]