Monthly Archives: November 2005

Switching to Typo

I am switching the blog to [Typo](, blog software written in [Ruby](, using the [Rails]( framework. The hard part is getting the software to run fast and run where I want it []( FastCGI and Apache don’t seem to work with my hosting company. So I could run it through CGI which means the each […]

Vacation: Return

On my final day, I was planning on taking the ferry to Port Angeles, across the Strait of Juan de Fuca and then driving past the Olympic Mountains. But the morning ferry was full and I wasn’t willing to wait for the afternoon one. I drove back north to the other ferry terminal and caught […]

Vacation: Victoria 2

The next day I went to the attractions in Victoria. It was another atypical beautiful day. I took a [water taxi]( on a tour of the harbor. I got to see seaplanes landing and taking off nearby. ![](/photostack/vancouver/pa211732_m.jpg) I went to the [Undersea Gardens]( Basically, they walled off part of the harbor, stocked it with […]

Vacation: Ferry to Victoria

The next day, I took the [ferry]( to Victoria on Vancouver Island. The ferry was a huge vessel which carried 200 plus cars and trucks on two decks. The ferry wound its way through the lovely Gulf Islands to Schwartz Bay on the north point of Saanich Peninsula, 30 minutes drive north of Victoria. ![](/photostack/vancouver/pa201684_m.jpg) […]

Vacation: Vancouver 3

It rained all day long on my third day in Vancouver. First, I went to Stanley Park. Stanley Park covers half of the peninsula with downtown. I went to the [Vancouver Aquarium]( I discovered taking pictures of moving dolphins and belugas underwater is difficult. And discovered that taking pictures of animalI walked along the seawall […]

Vacation: Vancouver 2

The next day, I explored Vancouver. It was a lovely sunny. In fact, I neglected to wear sunscreen and got sunburned. I foolishly carried around my rain jacket expecting the weatherman to be right and not thinking Vancouver in October could be so nice. First, I wandered around Gastown, which is the oldest area of […]

Vacation: Seattle & Vancouver

The next day I wandered around Seattle before driving to Vancouver. I walked down to Lake Union, wandered past the ships in [South Lake Union Park](, and up some steps to Queen Anne Hill. I saw some seaplanes which fly to Victoria. ![](/photostack/vancouver/Photo_101705_005.jpg) ![](/photostack/vancouver/Photo_101705_009.jpg) Then, I drove to Vancouver. It was raining the whole way […]

Vacation: Seattle 1

Two weeks ago, I took a week-long vacation driving to Canada. I spent the first night in Seattle. That night, I went to the restaurant, [SkyCity](, at the top of the Space Needle. The food was excellent. Expensive but worth it. The view was also magnificent. It would have been better in daylight but the […]