Vacation: Victoria 2

The next day I went to the attractions in Victoria. It was another atypical beautiful day.

I took a water taxi on a tour of the harbor. I got to see seaplanes landing and taking off nearby.

I went to the Undersea Gardens. Basically, they walled off part of the harbor, stocked it with native fish, and turned it into an aquarium. The best part of the show with a scuba diver where he showed an octopus.

I went to the Royal BC Museum. It had exhibits on the natural history (stuffed animals) and human history (totem poles) of Britich Columbia.

I went to Craigdorrach Castle. The mansion of an early BC industrial baron, it is perched on a hill with a commanding view.

Finally, I went to Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse to the west of Victoria. Fort Rodd Hill is a old fort with coastal artillery for protecting the naval facilities at Esquimalt Bay. And the lighthouse used protect the ships; now it is just picturesque. There was also a clear view of the Olympic Mountains.