Monthly Archives: December 2006

Big Monitor

At work, they have started handing out larger monitors to people. Last Friday, I replaced my 17″ LCD with a 20″ Dell LCD and went from 1280×1024 to 1600×1200 in the process. The increase in resolution and display size is very nice; it is now possible to get two terminals open at once. The Dell […]


I got a printer this weekend as my Christmas present to myself. I got a [Canon PIXMA MP600](, a multifunction color inkjet.  The multifunctions have gotten cheap enough recently that there isn’t much point in getting something else.  I wanted to be able to scan and print photos. The copier function came in handy today. […]

Google Maps for Treo

Google just released [Google Maps for the Treo]( It is a Palm application which downloads the map over the Internet. It has a simple and usable interface that can use the scroll pad and keyboard for most operations. It can search for addresses and display driving directions. It can also show satellite view and traffic […]

No Googling

I suppose I should announce that I didn’t get the job at Google. Some of the interviews didn’t go that well. i struggled with some of the technical and puzzle questions. I guess it is good that I don’t have to make a decision about moving and changing jobs. The weird thing is that I […]

Google Reader

I have started using [Google Reader]( The new interface works pretty well. It works even better with the [Greasemonkey]( script [Google Reader Optimized]( to simplify the interface and increase the size of the reading area. The mobile interface is especially nice. It works better than all of the programs I have tried. The only thing […]