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Maemo SDK on Fedora 9

I got the [Maemo]( [SDK]( installed on Fedora 9. The instructions are pretty complete. First, Scratchbox needs the compat VDSO mode enabled. This is done by `echo 0 > /proc/sys/vm/vdso_enabled`. Also, Qemu requires `mmap_min_addr` set to 4096. These can be set permanently by adding the following lines to `/etc/sysctl.conf`. # scratchbox support vm.vdso_enabled = 0 […]

FC6 on MacBook

I am writing this on Fedora Core 6 running on my MacBook. In general, it works pretty well with a few problems. The wireless works great with the madwifi drivers from [livna]( The biggest problem is that suspend and hibernate don’t work. Suspend seems to work but does not restore. Hibernate suceeds with the most […]

Jigdo Files for Fedora Core 6

I have produced [Jigdo files]( files for [Fedora Core 6]( [Jigdo]( is a program which can produce ISO images from the constituent files and a description. It uses a .template file which contains the description how to compose the image from the files and the missing pieces, and a .jigdo file which describes where to […]

MacBook Wireless on Linux

I got the wireless working on my MacBook under Fedora rawhide. The MacBook includes an Atheros chipset which needs the [madwifi]( driver. The madwifi driver can’t be included in the base kernel or distribution because it includes a binary HAL which isn’t open-source. Unfortunately, the madwifi driver did not compile cleanly on the Fedora development […]

Boot Camp, Try 2

I had an idea that the graphical Fedora installer would be okay (or could at least be used with a mouse) even if the keyboard at the console was duplicating keypresses. Instead of trying to do a network install, I burned the FC6 Test 2 DVD. I went quickly through the text dialogs. The graphical […]

Boot Camp and Fedora

To celebrate the release of [Boot Camp 1.1 beta](, I tried to install [Fedora Core]( in the spare space on my drive. Boot Camp worked great to repartition the drive, shrink the Mac OS X partition, and create a 10 GB free space. First, I tried Fedora Core 5 DVD. The installer got to a […]

SVK on Fedora Extras

Over the weekend, I got the [SVK]( version control system included in [Fedora Extras]( It is in the perl-SVK package. I also packaged up a bunch of its required Perl modules. I actually used svk for the spec files for the packages. It was very handy for synchronizing and merging changes between home and work […]

Booting Fedora Installer from Disk

If you already have Linux installed, it is possible to boot the Fedora installer to do installs or upgrades without a boot CD. In the [images/pxeboot]( directory of the [distribution repository](, there is vmlinuz kernel and initrd.img ramdisk image. Download those and put them in /boot. Then edit /boot/grub/grub.conf and add the following entry: title […]