Boot Camp, Try 2

I had an idea that the graphical Fedora installer would be okay (or could at least be used with a mouse) even if the keyboard at the console was duplicating keypresses. Instead of trying to do a network install, I burned the FC6 Test 2 DVD. I went quickly through the text dialogs. The graphical installer was fine, although the mouse was jumpy and slow probably because I used the “noapic” kernel parameter.

The install went smoothly. Fedora booted up without any problems. Lots of things just worked. The display was autodetected to the right size. The trackpad worked. The Fn key works as modifier. A few things didn’t work out of the box. The wireless card will require third-party drivers. The internal sound isn’t working. It sleeps but doesn’t resume. My Bluetooth Mighty Mouse works but only after restarting the hidd daemon.