Monthly Archives: June 2006

Trains, Boats, and Bridges

I went for a bike ride today which turned out to be more interesting than normal. I took the same route I usually do, north on the Springwater Trail along the river to downtown. There are train tracks next to the trail and I encountered a steam train. I had seen this locomotive before; the […]

Grand Floral Parade

Yesterday, I went to the Grand Floral Parade for the first time since I have been in Portland. I met up with a coworker, Tim, and his wife Nariyo. We found a place downtown near the end of the parade where a coworker’s wife had gotten up early to get a spot to sit. We […]


I really need to post more often to this thing. In the last month, I went to Hawaii, Astoria, and took lots of pictures. My new resolution is to post something every day. Most of them will be retrospective, links to elsewhere, computer-releated, and boring.

Poker Bot

Today, I won a (small) tournament of poker bots against coworkers. The bots played one-card poker. One coworker wrote the server in [Ocaml]( We had the tournament/party has my coworker Aaron’s house. I wrote a client in [Ruby]( which could be used to make bots with different strategies. I came up with four acceptable strategies. […]