Trains, Boats, and Bridges

I went for a bike ride today which turned out to be more interesting than normal. I took the same route I usually do, north on the Springwater Trail along the river to downtown. There are train tracks next to the trail and I encountered a steam train. I had seen this locomotive before; the preservation society occassionally hosts rides. In winter, I got some pictures from my apartment while it was snowing. Today, it went right past me.

There were dragon boat races going on downtown. There seemed to be a swarm of pleasure boats on the river. I saw both the Steel Bridge and Hawthorne Bridges raised to let boats through. I never seen both of them raised on the same day.

Also, some Navy and Coast Guard ships were visiting Portland like there do every year. There was a Coast Guard cutter, a Canadian frigate, two US frigates, and two US destroyers. They were giving tours but there was a long line for the tours.