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My Poor Car

I got my car back from the shop on Tuesday. The saga started two weeks ago when I went to drive home. The clutch went straight down and didn’t pop back up. I had it towed to the Audi dealer service center, which is close to work, the next day. The problem turned out to […]

Tale of Two Grills

On Saturday, I bought a new grill in preparation for my annual party on Wednesday. I was tired of the using the old charcoal grill that I inherited with my apartment. It was pain clean out the old ashes, a pain to light the charcoal even with a chimney starter, a pain to grill just […]

Mouse in the House

I have another animal story. This afternoon, I looked over and saw a small grey shape moving across the floor. It was a mouse. It quickly disappeared and I couldn’t find it after searching. Tonight, watching a movie in the dark, I saw a dark shape. I turned on the light and saw the mouse […]

No Googling

I suppose I should announce that I didn’t get the job at Google. Some of the interviews didn’t go that well. i struggled with some of the technical and puzzle questions. I guess it is good that I don’t have to make a decision about moving and changing jobs. The weird thing is that I […]

Beach in November

I am (mostly) in San Diego this week for vacation. I went to [Torrey Pines State Beach]( today, the one nearest to my parent’s house in Del Mar. The weather was sunny and warm. Not warm enough for shorts but warm enough for sandals. The water was probably to cold to swim in. I really […]

iTunes & Track Numbers

I was using iTunes today and turned on the display of the Track Number. And discovered that none of my Ogg files had any track numbers. Soon after I got the MacBook, I installed the [Quicktime Components]( which allow playing Ogg and FLAC files because that it what nearly all my music is encoded in. […]


I really need to post more often to this thing. In the last month, I went to Hawaii, Astoria, and took lots of pictures. My new resolution is to post something every day. Most of them will be retrospective, links to elsewhere, computer-releated, and boring.

Thanksgiving Retrospective

One of the best parts of 2005 which I neglected to post about was Thanksgiving. I flew out to North Carolina and stayed at my brother’s place in Carrboro. My parents and grandfather also flew out. We did the same thing last year but instead of exploring North Carolina, this year we relaxed and saw […]

Back Home

I got back home from San Diego last night. I had a miserable flight because of the tail end of a cold. I coughed, snuffled, and sneezed my way through the flight. I didn’t get to enjoy the nice weather in San Diego because of the cold. I didn’t do much while I was home […]


Something interesting happened today at my apartment. I was sitting at my computer around 3pm when I heard a loud bang and the power went out. I looked outside and saw a car had run into the power pole on the corner. I went outside and called 911. The power pole had been broken in […]