Thanksgiving Retrospective

One of the best parts of 2005 which I neglected to post about was Thanksgiving. I flew out to North Carolina and stayed at my brother’s place in Carrboro. My parents and grandfather also flew out. We did the same thing last year but instead of exploring North Carolina, this year we relaxed and saw family. And ate good home-cooked meals.

The best part was seeing my niece Rose for the first time. She was three and a half months at the time. She was very cute and lovable. I loved watching her wiggle her arms.

One cool thing is Neil and Lara’s friends the Olsens visited. Both the Olsen children were old friends; they brought their significant others and their mom came out to spend Thanksgiving with her family.

For Thanksgiving itself, we went to my Uncle Tim and Aunt Judy’s place in Raleigh. There were 14 people at dinner.