Monthly Archives: June 2007


I got my passport today after just a week which eliminates all my worries about one for my trip to St Martin. It looks like the passport was issued on Friday and sent overnight. I was surprised that it showed up so quickly when there have been lots of reports of delays. Maybe a renewal […]

St Martin

I am going on vacation to St Martin the second week of July. I am going with my friends Jan and Alethya who I went to Hawaii and other places with. [St Martin]( is an island in the Caribbean divided between France (Saint-Martin) and Dutch (Sint Maarten). It is near Anguilla, St Kitts, and St […]

Reverse proxy mirror

Does anybody know of software that could be used to build a mirroring reverse proxy? I am looking for something to cache and mirror files for distributions and other archives of mostly static files. To clients, it looks like a copy of the archive. If a file does not exist, or is too old, it […]