Monthly Archives: January 2007

Snow Day

It has been cold in Portland for the last week or so. Last Thursday, there was a dusting of snow which caused problems with ice farther east. Yesterday was supposed to be the last day of cold. Instead, it stayed cold and we got moisture. The result was snow. It snowed over night and this […]

Movies: Night at the Museum

Last Tuesday, I saw the [Night at the Museum]( as part of a free screening through work. After a long hiatus, work has started doing free screenings again. They tend to be bad movies since the studios don’t need to promote the good or popular movies as much. I heard people complaining about the awfulness […]

Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling

I am going to start writing short reviews of books I read. I just finished [Dies the Fire]( by S. M. Stirling. It is connected to his previous series where Nantucket is sent back time. The Event causes all electronics and explosives to stop working. Civilization collapses and knocks the human race is knocked back […]

Converted Posts

I think I got all the old posts converted to using Markdown. Since this blog started with [Textpattern]( which uses [Textile](, most of the posts were in that format. Typo was smart enough to handle posts in different markup formats and switch formats to Markdown a few months ago. WordPress is not smart enough to […]

WordPress Themes

Since switching to WordPress, I have been playing around with WordPress themes. I am looking for a minimalist style with black text on a white background. I prefer variable-width two-column themes while themes seem to be fixed-width. I am not a big fan of top navigation bars or header images. * [ScribbishWP]( is a port […]

Converted to WordPress

I got tired of the issues with running [Typo]( on [Textdrive]( and converted this blog to [WordPress]( The main problem is that the Rails process was being killed by the server for using too much memory. I tried various tricks to reduce the memory usage or restart the process when it disappeared and none of […]

Mouse in the House

I have another animal story. This afternoon, I looked over and saw a small grey shape moving across the floor. It was a mouse. It quickly disappeared and I couldn’t find it after searching. Tonight, watching a movie in the dark, I saw a dark shape. I turned on the light and saw the mouse […]