Converted to WordPress

I got tired of the issues with running [Typo]( on [Textdrive]( and converted this blog to [WordPress]( The main problem is that the Rails process was being killed by the server for using too much memory. I tried various tricks to reduce the memory usage or restart the process when it disappeared and none of them helped. It didn’t help that the web site has been down for a while. I liked Typo in general, I liked that it was written in Ruby and was easy to develop for, and I was hopeful that development would pick up.

I don’t like that WordPress is written in PHP. But it sure made it easy to get installed. I used [Stuart Johnston’s migration script]( to convert the posts. The number of plugins and themes is the biggest advantage to WordPress. I used the [PHP Markdown]( to write posts in [Markdown]( I am using the [ScribbishWP]( theme which is a port of the [Scribbish]( Typo theme which I played around with.

I think I maintained all the permalinks so old links should keep working. The older posts are in Textile and aren’t being rendered correctly. All the images and uploads should be working. I am keeping the old blog available at []( for now.