Monthly Archives: January 2006

San Francisco from the Air

My flight down to San Diego on Christmas Eve stopped in Oakland. I had a window seat with a good view of the Bay Area as we were landing. I got a couple of good photos of San Francisco. ![](/blog/files/pc241845_640.jpg) ![](/blog/files/pc241846_640.jpg)

Trains and Snow

Some more interesting pictures from 2005 which I didn’t post at the time. The weekend of 12/17, the [Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation]( gave rides on trains pulled by the [SP 4449]( steam locomotives along the track that goes by Oaks Park across the pond from my place. I was hoping to take a ride but […]

Thanksgiving Retrospective

One of the best parts of 2005 which I neglected to post about was Thanksgiving. I flew out to North Carolina and stayed at my brother’s place in Carrboro. My parents and grandfather also flew out. We did the same thing last year but instead of exploring North Carolina, this year we relaxed and saw […]

The Waters Will Rise

I took my normal walk down to the Willamette River at [Sellwood Riverfront Park]( The river was the highest I had seen it. Two years ago, it was almost as high in April but this is January. Normally, there is a beach, then a four foot wall with benches and picnic tables on a flat […]

Leap Second

About 28 minutes ago, the first leap second in seven years was inserted. The clock went from 23:59:59 UTC to 23:59:60. Here in Oregon, this happened at 15:59:60. This was done to keep UTC in sync with the sun. The difference between atomic time (TAI) and UTC is now 33 seconds. Linux handled this automatically. […]