SVK on Fedora Extras

Over the weekend, I got the [SVK]( version control system included in [Fedora Extras]( It is in the perl-SVK package. I also packaged up a bunch of its required Perl modules.

I actually used svk for the spec files for the packages. It was very handy for synchronizing and merging changes between home and work using the repository at my ISP. My repository doesn’t allow public changes but you can work the same way with any Subversion repository.

Setup the mirror:

svk mirror //mirror/znark

Sync the mirror to the svk depot.

svk sync //mirror/znark

Copy the mirror to local directory

svk copy //mirror/znark/cpanbuild //cpanbuild

Checkout the local directory

svk co //cpanbuild
cd cpanbuild

Make some changes and commit:

svk ci

Push the changes to the repository:

svk push

At another location, or after somebody else has made changes, I can do:

svk sync //mirror/znark
svk pull