FC6 on MacBook

I am writing this on Fedora Core 6 running on my MacBook. In general, it works pretty well with a few problems. The wireless works great with the madwifi drivers from [livna](http://rpm.livna.org/fedora/6/).

The biggest problem is that suspend and hibernate don’t work. Suspend seems to work but does not restore. Hibernate suceeds with the most recent kernel but that kernel does not boot reliably.

I hadn’t noticed that I wasn’t running at the ideal resolution, 1280×900. 1080×768 looked a little squished. I had to switch to the ‘intel’ driver for Xorg for the graphics to work at the ideal resolution.

I just installed the compiz compositing window manager. The flipping effect when changing desktops is a nice touch even though it is a little blurry and jumpy.I understand what people were talking about with the wobbly window effect.

The Mighty Mouse is not detected automatically by the Bluetooth system. I have to run ‘hidd –search’ and occasionally restart the hidd daemon. The scroll ball only works in one direction. Unfortunately, moving the scroll ball horizontally scrolls vertically.