Vacation: Vancouver 2

The next day, I explored Vancouver. It was a lovely sunny. In fact, I neglected to wear sunscreen and got sunburned. I foolishly carried around my rain jacket expecting the weatherman to be right and not thinking Vancouver in October could be so nice.

First, I wandered around Gastown, which is the oldest area of Vancouver. Then, I went to the top of Harbour Centre Tower which has a spectacular view of Vancouver and surroundings. I took a full panorama of photos. I even got to see a seaplane landing in the harbor right next to downtown.

Vancouver is just beautiful. The downtown is all skyscrapers, boring business ones and lots of glass condos. To the north, there is Burrard Inlet and the northern suburbs clinging to the mountains.

I took the Skytrain, automated subway and elevated railroad to Science World. I didn’t go in, but caught a water taxi nearby. I took the water taxi down False Creak to Granville Island. I walked along the seawall to Vanier Park and Kitslano Beach.

I had lunch in Kitslano neighborhood and then caught a bus to University of British Columbia. UBC has Museum of Anthropology with lots of native Indian artifacts.

I took the bus back to downtown. After resting from all the walking, I went out to dinner. First, I took the SeaBus, a passenger ferry, to North Vancouver and back. Then, I went back to Harbour Centre tower to see the city at night. Unfortunately, I took a panorama but most of the photos came out blurry from the darkness. Finally, I had dinner and good beer.