New Toy

I have had my new Treo 650 for a week now and I love it. It replaces a old cell phone and Sony Clie. It is a little thicker than both of them but still small enough to fit in a pocket. I like not having to decide what piece of electronics to take and always having access to the PDA. The keyboard works well; I type faster on it than I wrote Graffit. The 5-way navigation is brilliant; for many apps the stylus does not need to be used. I am still training myself to not take the stylus out and use it one handed.

All my old apps moved over smoothly. I found a few new ones. [Chatter]( is a good IMAP email client. [Address XT]( is a Contacts replacement which looks like the old address book but with the new fields. [Pocket Tunes]( for playing music is nice; with the 1 GB SD card I got, it could be enough of a music player for me to leave the iRiver at home most of the time.

The wireless network access is the best thing. I can now read email anywhere. Browsing the web through a tiny screen is annoying but it is worlds better than a cell phone. There are a couple of cools apps I found. [Directory Assistant]( looks up phone numbers from online yellow pages. [KMaps]( fetches maps from Google Maps. I have a suspicion that the killer app for smartphones is that kind of web service.