IPv6: Devices

After enabling IPv6 on my router, I tried using it on all of my devices. For testing, I used ipv6.google.com and test-ipv6.

  • Mac OS X just worked. It got IPv6 address through stateless autoconfiguration from the router.

  • Fedora Linux also just worked.

  • Windows 7 supports IPv6. It didn’t work at first but that seemed to be interference from VirtualBox virtual device. Removing VirtualBox fixed the problem.

  • Android on Nook Color does not work. Android is supposed to support IPv6, at least on Wifi, but the Nook Color doesn’t seem to.

  • webOS on Palm Pre does not support IPv6.

  • Xbox 360 does not support IPv6.

  • Tivo does not support IPv6. The new Tivo Premiere uses 2.6 kernel and should be easy to upgrade in the future.