VIA RNG on Centos

The J7F4 mini-ITX motherboard that I got for my home server has a VIA C7 processor. One of the feature of the processor is the PadLock Security Engine with hardware RNG. This is especially useful on a server since they are limited in entropy sources. Linux kernel has support for the VIA hardware RNG in the via_rng module.

Next, install the rng-utils package with the rngd daemon. It reads entropy from the hardware RNG, /dev/hwrng, and feeds it to the kernel entropy pool for /dev/random.

Unfortunately, the package is missing an init.d script to start the service (see redhat bug 215371. The /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit actually has a commented-out line to start rngd. Download the script from the bug and put it in /etc/init.d/rngd. Add the service, chkconfig --add rngd, and start it, service rngd start.