Starcraft on Linux and Mac

My coworkers and I have gotten addicated to Starcraft again. The question is how to run it since my only computers are Linux and Mac.

Starcraft under [Wine]( on Linux works pretty well. There are some issues with the display changing resolution that makes it hard to switch back to the desktop and resizes programs. There is a problem with some of the menus not clearing the screen which results in a jumble of text.

Starcraft under [CrossOver Mac]( on the Mac works but not well. The CrossOver installer is nice; it makes managing installs easy. But Starcraft runs slowly. The mouse is jerky and unresponsive.

Starcraft under [VMware Fusion]( running Windows 2000 on the Mac works pretty well. I used the free [VMware Converter]( to turn the Windows 2000 partition on my old desktop into a VMware virtual machine. One of the nice things about VMware Fusion is that I can run the same virtual machine on Linux and Mac.

Another option for running it on Mac is to use the Mac version of Starcraft. The Mac version was originally made of Mac OS 9 and is PPC. Blizzard has a [Mac OS X installer]( that allows it to run on Mac OS X. Supposedly, Rosetta is fast enough with running the PPC binary under Intel. Unfortunately, I have the Windows CD of Starcraft. It is possible one of my coworkers has the Mac version and I can use my CD key with that.