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I voted today. For those who don’t know, everybody in Oregon votes by mail. They sent me my ballot a week or two ago. I filled it out yesterday and mailed it today. Last election, I forgot until too late to mail the ballot and had to drop it off at a collection center on […]

Jigdo Files for Fedora Core 6

I have produced Jigdo files files for Fedora Core 6. Jigdo is a program which can produce ISO images from the constituent files and a description. It uses a .template file which contains the description how to compose the image from the files and the missing pieces, and a .jigdo file which describes where to […]

Going to the Bay Area

I am flying to the Bay Area tomorrow for a long weekend. I am going down for my 10th reunion at Stanford. I am really looking forward to seeing friends who I haven’t seen in a while. It will also be interesting to see the area after not living there for a few years. For […]

DAAP and Linux

I got mt-daapd running on my Linux desktop where all my music files are. I found a patch to make it work with avahi and instruction and RPMs. The only problem is that iTunes does not support streaming Ogg files. The QuickTime Components do a good job of local Ogg playing but I guess iTunes […]

CPAN Black Hole

I hate CPAN maintainers who don’t respond to bugs. I have been putting in bugs for problems I find in various CPAN modules. For some, I have even put in patches which fix the bug. The result has been complete silence. I don’t expect maintainers to drop everything and fix the bug. I would hope […]

MacBook Wireless on Linux

I got the wireless working on my MacBook under Fedora rawhide. The MacBook includes an Atheros chipset which needs the madwifi driver. The madwifi driver can’t be included in the base kernel or distribution because it includes a binary HAL which isn’t open-source. Unfortunately, the madwifi driver did not compile cleanly on the Fedora development […]

Boot Camp, Try 2

I had an idea that the graphical Fedora installer would be okay (or could at least be used with a mouse) even if the keyboard at the console was duplicating keypresses. Instead of trying to do a network install, I burned the FC6 Test 2 DVD. I went quickly through the text dialogs. The graphical […]

Boot Camp and Fedora

To celebrate the release of Boot Camp 1.1 beta, I tried to install Fedora Core in the spare space on my drive. Boot Camp worked great to repartition the drive, shrink the Mac OS X partition, and create a 10 GB free space. First, I tried Fedora Core 5 DVD. The installer got to a […]

Weird Connections

I was reading a blog entry with quotes from an TNR article about Nancy Cunningham, the wife of disgraced Congressman Duke Cunningham, when I read the following quote. Nancy showed little interest in defending her husband’s behavior, which, she said, was an embarrassment to her and her girls. “When I was going to retire and […]

Typo and Mongrel

I got this blog working with Mongrel, a web server written in Ruby designed from running Rails applications. The main Textdrive Apache process is proxying the blog to the mongrel_rails process. This replaces the Apache to Lighttpd to Rails over FastCGI setup I was using before. In the previous post, I talked about how I […]