Small Airplanes

I just had an interesting experience flying from Waterloo, IA to Minneapolis. I am sure anyone flying from an small airport has had the same experience but it is unique in mine. I guess I have always gone between cities; even the few turboprops I have flown were between San Diego and LA. And the “small town” of Lihue is a major tourist destination.

The Waterloo airport is a small regional one: two gates, one small baggage claim, one airline, one floor, and one check-in counter. Not only was there no line to check-in, the attendant only showed up to take my bag. This was the return flight for the flight down from Friday. Just after everybody got off, they opened the security check point and took everybody through. There was barely a line. And then immediately boarded the flight. I think the ticket agent was the same women who checked IDs at the security checkpoint.

The plane was a [Saab turboprop]( The plane had three seats across, one and two, and 12 rows. They had us all sit in the back for balance reasons. The copilot was also the cabin attendant and gave the safety briefing. He even read off the individual connecting flights; he had everybody’s names and itinerary. I think we took off early since all five passengers were on-board. The flight was only 40 minutes long.