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My Poor Car

I got my car back from the shop on Tuesday. The saga started two weeks ago when I went to drive home. The clutch went straight down and didn’t pop back up. I had it towed to the Audi dealer service center, which is close to work, the next day. The problem turned out to […]

Maemo SDK on Fedora 9

I got the Maemo SDK installed on Fedora 9. The instructions are pretty complete. First, Scratchbox needs the compat VDSO mode enabled. This is done by echo 0 > /proc/sys/vm/vdso_enabled. Also, Qemu requires mmap_min_addr set to 4096. These can be set permanently by adding the following lines to /etc/sysctl.conf. # scratchbox support vm.vdso_enabled = 0 […]

VIA padlock support in OpenSSL

The VIA C7 processor also has padlock encryption acceleration support. Linux support was added a while ago. First, the automatically load the padlock module, add the /etc/sysconfig/modules/via-padlock.modules file. #!/bin/sh for i in padlock; do modprobe $i >/dev/null 2>&1 done Second, to use it for internal kernel encryption, add to /etc/modprobe.conf. alias aes padlock Third, OpenSSL […]

VIA RNG on Centos

The J7F4 mini-ITX motherboard that I got for my home server has a VIA C7 processor. One of the feature of the processor is the PadLock Security Engine with hardware RNG. This is especially useful on a server since they are limited in entropy sources. Linux kernel has support for the VIA hardware RNG in […]

Oregon Brewers Festival

After OSCON ended, I went to the Oregon Brewers Festival on Friday afternoon. This is the first time I have gone after living in Portland for five years and loving beer. I rode my bike downtown; they had guarded bike parking. The cost was $4 for the mug, $1 for tokens which give a taste […]

OSCON: Friday

On Friday, I made it to the morning keynotes. None of them were really informative but were entertaining and funny. I attended ZFS: Bringing Terabytes Under Control by Jay Edwards. He mainly talked about using ZFS on Solaris for large storage systems. The biggest advantage of ZFS is the nice management tools for creating pools […]

OSCON: Thursday

After staying up late on Wednesday night, I slept late on Thursday and missed the keynotes. I went to Matt Tucker’s talk on Jingle: Cutting Edge Open Source VoIP describing the Jingle extension to Jabber that allows voice chat and other multimedia. Jingle is the standardization of the Google Talk protocol for voice chat. One […]

OSCON: Wednesday Afternoon

In the afternoon, I went to more OSCON sessions. First, I went to Nested Data Parallelism in Haskell by Simon Peyton-Jones, the same guy who gave the keynote talk I went to. This time, he was talking about extending the Haskell compiler to do data parallelism. Flat data parallelism is when a computation is split […]

OSCON: Wednesday Morning

I am going to the OSCON sessions today and the rest of the week. I missed most of the keynotes this morning. I did Transactional Memory for Concurrent Programming by Simon Peyton-Jones and Haskell guy at Microsoft. He described the idea of transaction memory as the alternative to locking for concurrent programming. Transactional memory basically […]

Starcraft on Linux and Mac

My coworkers and I have gotten addicated to Starcraft again. The question is how to run it since my only computers are Linux and Mac. Starcraft under Wine on Linux works pretty well. There are some issues with the display changing resolution that makes it hard to switch back to the desktop and resizes programs. […]