Rules of Travel

* Trust your eyes over the weatherman. If the weatherman says it is going to rain, but it is sunny outside, then you will carry around a rain jacket uselessly all day. Yesterday was a nice warm sunny day.

* Always bring the nice umbrella. After the sunny day, it will rain constantly and having a bigger umbrella will keep more of you from getting soaked.

* On sunny days, avoid museums. Do active stuff like biking. The next day could be rainy. Do the museums then.

* Go to the high points. Especially in places as scenic as Vancouver. Go during the day and then go back at night.

* Go to the water. Take water taxis and the Seabus.

* Sometimes it makes sense to drive. It makes sense to pay $3 for parking instead of $4.50 for the bus. And you get less wet with the car (although you may still go for a long walk in the rain). Plus, you can more easily go elsewhere with the car.