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Boot Camp and Fedora

To celebrate the release of [Boot Camp 1.1 beta](, I tried to install [Fedora Core]( in the spare space on my drive. Boot Camp worked great to repartition the drive, shrink the Mac OS X partition, and create a 10 GB free space. First, I tried Fedora Core 5 DVD. The installer got to a […]

Typo and Mongrel

I got this blog working with [Mongrel](, a web server written in Ruby designed from running Rails applications. The main Textdrive Apache process is proxying the blog to the mongrel_rails process. This replaces the Apache to Lighttpd to Rails over FastCGI setup I was using before. In the previous post, I talked about how I […]

Typo on Textdrive

I have recently been having problems with running Typo on Textdrive. The cause seems to be that the ruby grows too big and is killed by FreeBSD. Why it isn’t being restarted automatically by lighttpd, I don’t know. The solution is supposed to be to start the rails fastcgi program separately from the lighttpd process. […]

Virtualization on the Mac

[Parallels]( rocks. It is the first virtualization software for the Intel Macs. They also Windows and Linux but they aren’t well known compared to the big guys of Microsoft Virtual PC and VMware. The performance is pretty good since it makes use of the Intel VT extensions in the Core Duo processor which allows full […]

OSCON 2006, Day 1

This year, I only went to the sessions for OSCON. This is the sessions on Wednesday. ### [Big Bad PostgreSQL: A Case Study](, [Theo Schlossnagle]( This talk was about migrating some data warehouse systems from Oracle to PostgreSQL and the issues they ran into. Some of the issues were ones we had run into at […]

Pdx-pm and Mod_perl

For a special meeting of [Portland Perl Mongers]( on Friday, Stas Beckman talked about mod_perl 2.0. He talked for three hours and only went through probably half of his slides. He went quickly through the difference between mod_perl 1 and mod_perl 2 but he demonstrated a lot of the new mod_perl 2 API. He went […]


After OSCON on Wednesday, I met up with Michael Schwern and friends. We went to FOSCON, a Ruby gathering a [Free Geek]( We missed the Ruby on Rails talk which is probably the technical introduction I didn’t get at OSCON. I did get to see a Ruby Metaprogramming talk by [Glenn Vanderburg]( I knew Ruby […]


I went to a day of sessions last Wednesday at OSCON. Here are the session I went to: ## Shtoom First, I went to talk by Anthony Baxter about [shtoom](, a SIP stack written in Python. As he explained multiple times, VOIP and SIP are complicated. Which makes writing a complete stack by himself even […]


I went to two days of [OSCON]( last week. My company finally decided to send me on Monday. The first day, August 2, I went to the Slony-I Replication Tutorial. [Slony]( is a replication system for [PostgreSQL]( We use it at work to replicate a master database to two slave databases. This is done so […]