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I went to a day of sessions last Wednesday at OSCON. Here are the session I went to: Shtoom First, I went to talk by Anthony Baxter about shtoom, a SIP stack written in Python. As he explained multiple times, VOIP and SIP are complicated. Which makes writing a complete stack by himself even more […]


I went to two days of OSCON last week. My company finally decided to send me on Monday. The first day, August 2, I went to the Slony-I Replication Tutorial. Slony is a replication system for PostgreSQL. We use it at work to replicate a master database to two slave databases. This is done so […]

Uncle Ian

Last Monday, I became an uncle. My brother and his wife had a baby girl, Rose Athena Martinsen-Burrell. Lara went into labor on Saturday evening. Rose was born by C-section 42 hours later. He sent out a picture: Hopefully, they will post more pictures at his blog or the baby’s website.