Movie: Children of Men

I saw Children of Men today. It has been out for a while but all the recently released movies are junk. It lived up to its good reviews. It was bleak but beautifully filmed. It did a good job of presenting the despair of a world without children. Some of the scenes of inhumanity to illegal immigrants reflected on our current inhumanity in Iraq. The best scene was when the fighting stopped because of the cry of the baby. The main characters, especially the mother, brought some nice humanity.

One thing that struck me was the realism of the violence. People were shot in the back while fleeing and collapsed to the ground. It was disturbing because of its matter-of-factness. People being killed randomly, or even worse executed deliberately. I heard quite a few gasps of shock from the audience. It was a contrast to your standard action movie where the violence is unreal.

Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon did a review from feminist perspective.