Grand Floral Parade

Yesterday, I went to the Grand Floral Parade for the first time since I have been in Portland. I met up with a coworker, Tim, and his wife Nariyo. We found a place downtown near the end of the parade where a coworker’s wife had gotten up early to get a spot to sit. We laggards had to stand in the back but still had a good view. I heard that a total of half million spectartors where there. I would believe it since the street was filled with people.

The parade was somewhat like the Rose Parade in that the floats were covered in flowers and other natural products. Every float seemed to have won an award. Some of them were pretty good; I like one which a bigfoot taking a bath. In addition, there were marching bands, including a lively one with adults, a bagpipe band, and a high school band from Portland’s sister city in Taiwan. There were equestian riders, the always interesting pooper scoopers following behind, a group of tired dancers from Taiwan, various dignataries, old cars, and lots of people having fun even though they had walked a few miles.