Web Resources

General Info

A mosaic of orbital information.
Heavens Above
Was the German Space Operations Centre.
SatPasses Home Page
Satellite predictions for U.S. and Canadian cities.
Oribital elements and software reviews.

Home Pages

Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page
An introduction to observing satellites.
AMSAT Home Page
The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation. Info on amateur radio and satellites.
Amateur Satellite Observer's of Southeast Virginia
Belgian Working Group Satellites
Ersatz Stars
Guide to observing artificial satellites: news, observing, links, special coverage for North Florida.

General Space News

Jonathan's Space Report
Weekly report on all space activities.
NASA Human Spaceflight
NASA's page for the shuttle and space station.
NASA Home Page
Contains links to NASA online information.
NASA SpaceLink
A source of orbital data and information for educators.