Ian Burrell

5008 NE Halsey Ave
Portland, OR 97213
Home: 503-234-2439
Mobile: 503-957-6554
Email: ianburrell@gmail.com
URL: http://www.znark.com/


Sr Software Developer, Rentrak Corp., April 2004-Present

Developed large web-based reporting application in Perl for entertainment industry. Wrote Mason-driven web site with object-oriented framework for generating SQL queries. Wrote software to download PDF and Excel reports. Implemented software to import and summarize millions transactions. Administered terabyte-sized PostgreSQL database with Slony replication and partitioned tables. Wrote custom PostgreSQL functions in C. Automated setup of Red Hat and Centos servers with Puppet. Built RPM packages.

Programmer, ONSITE! Technology, September 2002-April 2004

Developed point-of-sale and inventory management system, written in Perl interfacing with PostgreSQL database. Used test-driven development and iterative design process. Converted shopping cart system to using templates, object-oriented Perl, and normalized SQL Server database. Implemented XML-RPC server returning product data from database used by Python client..

Installed and managed Windows 2000 servers with IIS web servers and SQL Server databases. Managed Red Hat Linux with Apache web server, PostgreSQL databases, CVS version control, and BIND name server.

Member Technical Staff, Digital Integrity, November 1999-January 2001

Developed web site for innovative searching of documents. Responsible for building and maintaining terabyte-sized clusters of Linux servers. Involved in product design and coordination between product groups. Wrote web front-end in Perl CGI, structuring the code in object-oriented modules. Wrote Perl scripts to automate the building of indices, the installation of servers, and the monitoring of clusters of servers. Implemented Perl client for communicating with server through custom XML-based protocol. Modified server written in C to add support for handling multiple clients. Modified Java component to run as servlet. Wrote file format converters in Java.

Software Developer, Homestead.com, July 1998-September 1999

Worked on online web page editor written in Java , converting applet to application running under Windows. Designed and implemented client-server protocol over HTTP. Wrote server-side ISAPI extensions and filters in C++ which accessed database through ODBC. Administered SQL Server database and IIS web servers. Responsible for building and deploying changes to web site with millions of users. Coordinated releases between development, quality assurance, and customer support groups.


Seeking full-time or contract employment as a software developer using my experience in web applications, databases, and networking.


M.S. in Computer Science, Stanford University, June 1998
B.S. in Physics, Stanford University, June 1996


Programming Languages: Perl, Ruby, Java, C, C++
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
Technologies: PostgreSQL, Apache, Git