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Perfectly Good Airplane

Yesterday, I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. A coworker’s, Mike, birthday was yesterday and to celebrate, we went skydiving. It was Mike, me, two other coworkers, Aaron and Michael, and a friend of Mike’s. Aaron’s wife and later another coworker came to watch. We went to Skydive Oregon in Molalla, which is thirty […]

Fedora Caching Proxy

I already have a mirror of Fedora Core current release and updates to make updates and installing packages faster. I have been doing more development recently which means installing Extras and Rawhide package. I wanted to have a mirror of those but didn’t want to have a complete mirror and do the large rsync updates […]

Trains, Boats, and Bridges

I went for a bike ride today which turned out to be more interesting than normal. I took the same route I usually do, north on the Springwater Trail along the river to downtown. There are train tracks next to the trail and I encountered a steam train. I had seen this locomotive before; the […]

Grand Floral Parade

Yesterday, I went to the Grand Floral Parade for the first time since I have been in Portland. I met up with a coworker, Tim, and his wife Nariyo. We found a place downtown near the end of the parade where a coworker’s wife had gotten up early to get a spot to sit. We […]


I really need to post more often to this thing. In the last month, I went to Hawaii, Astoria, and took lots of pictures. My new resolution is to post something every day. Most of them will be retrospective, links to elsewhere, computer-releated, and boring.

Poker Bot

Today, I won a (small) tournament of poker bots against coworkers. The bots played one-card poker. One coworker wrote the server in Ocaml. We had the tournament/party has my coworker Aaron’s house. I wrote a client in Ruby which could be used to make bots with different strategies. I came up with four acceptable strategies. […]

32-bit Firefox on Fedora

One complaint I hear about Fedora on x86_64 is that Flash and Java plugins can’t be used with the 64-bit Firefox because they only are available as 32-bit. I don’t normally need those plugins at home but I can see how people would want them. I discovered that the easiest way to install 32-bit Firefox […]

New Toy: Bluetooth GPS

Welcome to 45° 28′ 18″ N, 122° 39′ 11″ W. I got a new toy this week, a GlobalSat BT-338 Bluetooth GPS unit. It is basically a matchbox-sized brick with a couple of LEDs, a GPS receiver, and Bluetooth radio. It looks like it is all batter, with one that is supposed to last all […]

Rant: Memory Card Formats

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the store to get a larger memory card for my camera. On my Vancouver trip, I forgot my extra cards and ended up having to delete pictures from the full card. I ended up getting a 1 GB xD card. When I got home, I put it […]

Wildlife 2

The second wildlife encounter was with an animal in the chimney. As I was getting ready for work, I heard a banging in my chimney like an animal had gotten trapped. I opened the damper but it hung on and didn’t fall down. Figuring I would deal with it later, dead or alive, I closed […]