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Tale of Two Grills

On Saturday, I bought a new grill in preparation for my annual party on Wednesday. I was tired of the using the old charcoal grill that I inherited with my apartment. It was pain clean out the old ashes, a pain to light the charcoal even with a chimney starter, a pain to grill just […]


I got my passport today after just a week which eliminates all my worries about one for my trip to St Martin. It looks like the passport was issued on Friday and sent overnight. I was surprised that it showed up so quickly when there have been lots of reports of delays. Maybe a renewal […]

St Martin

I am going on vacation to St Martin the second week of July. I am going with my friends Jan and Alethya who I went to Hawaii and other places with. St Martin is an island in the Caribbean divided between France (Saint-Martin) and Dutch (Sint Maarten). It is near Anguilla, St Kitts, and St […]

Reverse proxy mirror

Does anybody know of software that could be used to build a mirroring reverse proxy? I am looking for something to cache and mirror files for distributions and other archives of mostly static files. To clients, it looks like a copy of the archive. If a file does not exist, or is too old, it […]

Portland Tram

Last weekend, I took a ride on the Portland Tram. The Tram opened this February and goes from the South Waterfront to OHSU on Marquam Hill. The tower is easily visible just south of Ross Island Bridge and just south of I-5. The cost was a rather large $4. I went on Saturday but it […]

Silver Falls

Two weeks ago, I went to Silver Falls State Park with my coworker Tim and his wife Nariyo. This was my fourth time going to Silver Falls, which is east of Salem, and their first time. Only did a little bit of hiking and saw North Falls, walked the short trial to Upper North Falls. […]

BarCamp Portland

On May 12, I went to BarCamp Portland, an ad-hoc tech mini-convention at CubeSpace. I got there late in the afternoon and only went to a couple of talks. I went to a talk on Open Hardware and one on scaling Ruby. I saw a couple of people I knew but didn’t really chat much. […]

Gaelic Storm

On April 28, I saw Gaelic Storm at the Aladdin Theater. They are one of my favorite bands, a high energy Irish band. They also turned out to be an awesome live band.

Vancouver Waterfront

A month ago I discovered a nice spot that I didn’t know existed in Vancouver. Vancouver’s Waterfront Park starts at the east end of the Interstate Bridge. It connects to a path that goes along the Columbia River passing through Marine Park and Tidewater Cove. The road, Columbia Way, and the sidewalk also go under […]

Slony Presentation

I will giving a presentation on Slony tomorrow 4/17 at 7 pm for the Portland PostgreSQL Users Group at FreeGeek.