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Rules of Travel

Trust your eyes over the weatherman. If the weatherman says it is going to rain, but it is sunny outside, then you will carry around a rain jacket uselessly all day. Yesterday was a nice warm sunny day. Always bring the nice umbrella. After the sunny day, it will rain constantly and having a bigger […]

Arrived in Vancouver

I arrived in Vancouver today. The outskirts look a lot like Seattle or Portland with forested suburbs. The downtown is unique; it has a lot of glass towers. A lot of them look like apartment buildings. The only place I have seen something similar is pictures of Asian cities. The hotel I am staying is […]

Blazer is Evil

I had this long entry (for a mobile one) about visiting the Space Needle when I accidentally hit a button and switched to another app. Blazer helpfully forgot the text entry field. So now I hate it.

Mobile Blogging

This entry was posted from my Treo. Sure, I was sitting in front of my computer. But I could have been anywhere I was willing to type of the little keyboard. Which is fine for typing short messages like ‘Buy’, ‘You jerk’, or ‘I’ll call when I find a real computer’. But not for long […]

New Toy

I have had my new Treo 650 for a week now and I love it. It replaces a old cell phone and Sony Clie. It is a little thicker than both of them but still small enough to fit in a pocket. I like not having to decide what piece of electronics to take and […]


Something interesting happened today at my apartment. I was sitting at my computer around 3pm when I heard a loud bang and the power went out. I looked outside and saw a car had run into the power pole on the corner. I went outside and called 911. The power pole had been broken in […]

Portland Rose Garden

A month ago I went to the Portland Rose Garden and took some photos. Here are some roses for Rose.

Bridge Pedal

Today I rode in the Providence Bridge Pedal, a big community bike ride in Portland. I heard an estimate of 18,000 people. I can believe it; it was more crowded this year compared to last year. There were bnottleneck this year where people had to get off and walk. I heard somebody joke that the […]

Pdx-pm and Mod_perl

For a special meeting of Portland Perl Mongers on Friday, Stas Beckman talked about mod_perl 2.0. He talked for three hours and only went through probably half of his slides. He went quickly through the difference between modperl 1 and modperl 2 but he demonstrated a lot of the new modperl 2 API. He went […]


After OSCON on Wednesday, I met up with Michael Schwern and friends. We went to FOSCON, a Ruby gathering a Free Geek. We missed the Ruby on Rails talk which is probably the technical introduction I didn’t get at OSCON. I did get to see a Ruby Metaprogramming talk by Glenn Vanderburg. I knew Ruby […]