Weird Connections

I was reading a blog entry with quotes from an TNR article about Nancy Cunningham, the wife of disgraced Congressman Duke Cunningham, when I read the following quote.

Nancy showed little interest in defending her husband’s behavior, which, she said, was an embarrassment to her and her girls. “When I was going to retire and become director of the Rhoades School, I made him promise to stop gay-bashing in public, because it might upset parents at that private school,” she said.

I thought it was interesting because the Rhoades School was my elementary school. It is a private school for gifted kids. Not that I have any connection with the school beyond some memories. I am not even sure I was there at the same time as the current director, Luanne Kittle, who has been there for 18 years. And they moved to a new location across Encinitas Blvd a few years after I graduated.

I was have been somewhat interested in the Duke Cunningham scandal because he was my local representative back home in San Diego. We were a liberal family in a mostly conserative area and my parents have been very happy about his downfall. What I didn’t realize is that the house he sold to a defense contractor for an inflated price was in Del Mar Heights. It is only a few blocks from my parents house. I doubt we ever drove past it since it was off Del Mar Heights Rd in the other direction.