Pdx-pm and Mod_perl

For a special meeting of Portland Perl Mongers on Friday, Stas Beckman talked about mod_perl 2.0. He talked for three hours and only went through probably half of his slides.

He went quickly through the difference between modperl 1 and modperl 2 but he demonstrated a lot of the new modperl 2 API. He went through most of the API, all the different stages and handlers that modperl can hook into.

Some of the things he mentioned, like protocol handlers and filters can only be done with Apache 2 and modperl 2. I suspect it would be possible to write an FTP, SMTP, or XMPP server in Perl using modperl 2. I know people are doing things like that in C modules but I think it would be much easier to do in Perl. The other interesting idea I had was to combine POE with mod_perl and use POE to help implement the protocol handlers.

Hopefully, now that modperl 2 is officially out that lots of systems will get ported. I was hoping to hear how the Mason modperl 2 support was coming but Dave Rolsky left early.

The one thing missing from Apache 2 is some way to separate the Apache children by virtual host and run them as different users. This would make modperl much more acceptable for ISPs which could isolate different users but still give them the performance and flexibility of modperl. One big advantage of PHP is that it is easy to support shared hosting.